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Trademarks in France

A trademark with effect in France can be filed as a community trademark, as an international trademark designating France or as a national trademark.

For trademark clearance searches Dr. Schmidt is cooperating with the IP firm IXAS Conseil. A trademark clearance search is always recommendable prior to filing a trademark application. It includes all trademarks with effect in France : national trademarks, interational trademarks designating France, community trademarks. For the relevant classes of goods and services it includes identical trademarks, but preferable also similar trademarks.

The cost for a trademark clearance search in France for identical wordmarks amounts to 250 € for three classes, plus 50 € for each additional class. The cost for a trademark clearance search for similar wordmarks amounts to 450 € for the first class and 150 € for each additional class. The prices include the legal analysis. Ususally our report will be transmitted within 8 working days. Urgent requests can be handles within 48 h for a surcharge of 50%. For searches among graphical trademarks and three-dimensional trademarks we can give a quotation upon request.

In certain cases, a search in the trade register (company names) can be useful. The cost ist 220 € for one groupe of activities.

For a French national trademark application (with or without a logo, with or without colours) in three classes IXAS Conseil charges attorney fees of 325 € (+ 200 € official fees), plus 60 € (+ 40 € official fees) for each additional class. Translation cost is not included. These costs include the reporting about the publication of the trademark and the transmission of the certificate, but they do not include the response to possible objections of the trademark office, nor the treatment of possible objections from the office or an opposition procedure.

Opposition against a French trademark application can be filed within 2 month after its publication in the official journal by the registered owner of a prior trademark. The opposition must be accompanied by a legal argument, and the opposition fee (presently 310 €) must be paid. The decision will usually be delivered within six months ; it can be appealed before the Appeal Court of Paris. 

Our attorney fee for a trademark opposition depends on the complexity of the case. The minimum fee is 350 € for identical trademarks, 550 € for non-identical trademark (having either an identical sign or identical goods and services), 750 € for non identical trademarks (no partical identity).